compostable coffee pod packaging

Our Story

We started GreenPod as a solution to a problem we discovered as a small batch, craft coffee roaster. Customers wanted the convenience of single serve in their Keurig style brewers, but we did not want to contribute to the single-use plastics problem, never mind the fact that plastic pod coffee was less than perfect. So we began searching for a good solution. We explored reusable cups, but this defeated the point for many customers that needed single serve for convenience. Filling these cups and cleaning them was not convenient. They were also tricky to get “just right” for great extraction and taste. There were also cups advertised as recyclable, but they required removing some pieces and cleaning out the inside, etc.

When we failed to find a good solution already on the market, we decided to create one! And we wanted to bring this solution to other small roasters having the same issue. Thus GreenPod Coffee Packing was born. The first such technology in the U.S. that brings accessibility to small roasters. A completely compostable coffee pod made with ZERO plastics, packed for perfect extraction and freshness.  You’ve never tasted a single serve pod that gets everything right! But as coffee roasters ourselves, we know what it takes to make a good cup, and we will sell nothing less! Now you can bring convenience to your customers without sacrificing taste or the environment!  Send us a message and let’s schedule a call to learn more about the first pod worthy of specialty coffee!

Meet the Kratzer family

We are a family owned and operated business. We stand out not only for our revolutionary, ZERO plastic, delicious coffee pod…we are equally as awesome in customer service. We have the knowledge in both packing AND roasting. Our business started with coffee roasting, and we still operate a small batch craft coffee roasting business in Richmond, VA. We know good coffee in and out. And we treat your coffee as our own, ensuring your final product is amazing!